3,000 words or less
1 story per submission

500 words or less
1-3 flash pieces, each in a separate file

3,000 words or less
1 piece per submission

Free verse, form, slam, prose, etc.
no more than 4 poems, all in separate files


Comics, drawings, photography, photographs of 3D art.
3-5 pieces per submission
.png or .jpeg at 300ppi
Must be in a file; no website links



Blotterature believes editors are judges of what they like and what they think is important—not of what is and isn’t good literature. We hope you like what we like, but we wish you good luck in finding something else to read and still think you’re cool if you don’t!


Blotterature also believes that the acts of creating and publishing art are inherently political, and all literary publications make a political stance whether they intend to or not. We prefer to be up front, no bull, about ours. We prescribe to the tenets of intersectional feminism, as in, we do not publish submissions that contain or promote racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, ableist or ageist ideas. We echo the sentiment that the traditional idea of ‘literary merit’ is antiquated, patriarchal and white supremacist by definition. It bears repeating: Blotterature believes you matter, you are necessary, you are not a disruption, you are not a distraction, and your perspective is vital.

Blotterature is an online literary magazine, started in August 2013 by a few Region Rats who came together via The Literary Underground, along with late night poetry and debauchery.  “Blotterature” is an obsolete term that means non-high-brow literature, or non-elite. The staff at Blotterature believes that literature should be accessible and not just for the “in-crowd” of literary folks, and that it doesn’t take a highly-trained artist fresh out of an MFA program to produce good literature.

Our mission is to associate technical skill and academic aesthetics with the underground and underappreciated in each issue, as there is value in both sides of the spectrum, and in the middle ground. We’re here for the beer drinking, bar-fighting writers who know what it’s like to struggle—the spoken word poets, the non- cis-het-white-male writers. If you think your work is unlikely to find its way into most lit mags, Blotterature believes you matter, you are necessary, you are not a disruption, you are not a distraction, and your perspective is vital.





We gravitate to pieces that are void of fluff and pretension. Realism and something that really grabs our attention is what we look for. Something that makes us say “Wow! I wish I wrote that.” We love a storyline that we have never encountered, well-crafted characters, and great dialogue with proper use of regional dialects can really interest us. We also love a spoken word or slam poem, and use all the “Is” you want, because ‘confessional’ is not, and has never been, a dirty word here.



We review submissions blindly—so do not include any identifying information on your submission or in the file titles. Files that include the name of the author will not be considered for publication.


Simultaneous submissions are necessary! Just notify us as soon as possible if work you’ve sent us has been accepted somewhere else.


We cannot consider previously published material. We define ‘previously published’ as appearing anywhere public. If we can find it on the web (without being friends with you on Facebook, having a membership on your preferred poetry sharing website, etc.), it’s published.


Use a readable 12-point font (Ex. TNR, Calibri, Arial). Double-space all prose. Make all submissions through Submittable.



We are unable to pay contributors as is, but we hope to offer contests with monetary prizes (such as the 50 Words for 50 Dollars) again soon. If you are selected to be published in a print issue, you will receive a free copy via snail mail.

We do offer our writers publicity. So if we have published you in the past and you’ve got a new book/chapbook out, you were made Poet laureate of your hometown, you placed work in another journal, you won an award etc., tell us so we can brag about you!


Blotterature claims First North American Rights. All rights revert to the writer after publication, but we then ask that you acknowledge Blotterature upon future publication of the same piece(s).



Siobhain McGuinness is an Irish-American, growing up in Nevada and in Armagh, N. Ireland/Monaghan the Republic of Ireland, who earned her MA in Philosophy of Applied Ethics and Suicide from Tulane in December 2017. She is a domestic violence advocate for the New Orleans Family Justice Center, as well as was the lead organizer for the March for Science New Orleans. She has presented research or poetry at 15 academic conferences. Her poetry explores the experience of mental illness, LGBT struggles, Women's Rights, social justice, domestic violence, and the experience of growing up in two countries. She was published in two previous issues of Blotterature before joining the staff, and has been nominated for Best of the Net. Her work is forthcoming in the American Poetry Journal. 

Sarah teaches Composition and Creative Writing at Purdue University Northwest. She completed her BFA at Bowling Green State University, her MA from Iowa State University, and MFA from Purdue University. She has published with The Smoking Poet, Brink, Toasted Cheese, Prick of the Spindle, Niche, 100 Word Story, and others. Her novella A Murder of Crows can be found on Amazon. She authors A Novel Blog. Her work can also be found in the collection Best Ohio Short Stories.

Sarah E. White
Siobhain McGuinness
Lily Rex

The first official Poet laureate of her hometown, Highland, Indiana, Lily Rex is a ‘region’ writer and always will be. She earned her BA in Literature after only three years at Purdue University Northwest. Non-literary hobbies include beating yellow lights, photographing her dog, and fishing. She has won the Poetry Palooza at Purdue Northwest three years running and took second place for undergraduate poetry in the 2015 Stark-Tinkham Writing Contest. Her poetry has been published by Portals and Bad Pony and recorded by Lost, Long Gone, Forgotten Records. She was a guest reviewer for Blotterature before taking over as Managing Editor. Follow her on twitter, @LilyLRex, for updates on readings, general literary shenanigans and the development of her first chapbook. She blogs at

Kristen Flippo

Kristen is a person of many talents: she writes magical realism, reads anything she can get her hands on, is an amazing knitter, and a staunch believer in mermaids. She is also co-founder and editor for Moonglasses Magazine. She recently obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at Georgia Southern University and is pondering the existence of life.  Follow her on twitter @KristenFlippo 

"Swirled popcorn ceilings
and I am so, so sorry
for the tears in the whiskey"
-Dayna Hagewood, "Downwind"

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